Candy Stripper "Candy Lonely" t-shirt

Candy Stripper "Candy Lonely" t-shirt

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"Candy Lonely Tee" by Japanese street fashion brand Candy Stripper. Features a panda print on the front with the words "The friend who plays (wanted)". Loose fitting style and made of thick, high quality cotton material. Made in Japan.

Size guide:
Available in 2 sizes: Candy Stripper size 2 / Medium which would best fit a western size S-M and will fit a UK 8-12. Candy Stripper size 3 / L which would best fit a western M/L and will fit a UK 12-14.

Material: 100% cotton

Size medium measurements:
Shoulders: 15 inches (38 cm).
Chest: 39 inches (99 cm).
Waist: 38 inches (96 cm).
Hips: 39 inches (99 cm).
Length: 23 inches (58 cm).
Sleeve length: 8 inches (20 cm).

Size large measurements:
Shoulders: 16 inches (41 cm).
Chest: 41 inches (104 cm).
Waist: 41 inches (104 cm).
Hips: 42 inches (107 cm).
Length: 26 inches (66 cm).
Sleeve length: 9 inches (23 cm).