Kit Kat Halloween limited edition - Apple Pie

Kit Kat Halloween limited edition - Apple Pie

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Limited Edition apple pie flavour Kit Kat created specially for Halloween 2019. The cute purple chocolate and real taste of apple pie is the perfect trick or treat gift for this year's halloween.

Contents: 12 mini double Kit Kats chocolate bars.


Chocolate coaching (vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), flour, biscuits (flour, sugar, shortening, salt), vegetable oil, lactose, sugar, apple powder, yeast, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, cacao mass, Cocoa butter / emulsifier, acidulant, swelling agent, coloring (red beet, gardenia), flavor, baking soda, yeast food (including wheat, dairy ingredients, soybean, apple)

Allergy information:

Contains wheat, milk, soy. This product manufacturing factory manufactures products containing nuts such as almonds. The raw biscuits factory manufactures products including eggs, peanuts, oranges, walnuts, sesame and apples.